Our main goal at Carbon+Alt+Delete is to help you act on climate change. In addition to keeping you informed, that means sharing specific ways in which you can make a difference. And for that, we want to call on you! Let us know about the things you have come across that have inspired you and helped you make a difference: everyday changes, platforms, initiatives, and whatever else you can think of. At the end of every month, we will share them with the C+A+D community.

We kick this series off with the Claim the Climate march, a fantastic way to make a difference. In a piece on his blog, C+A+D’s Arne van Stiphout explains how the Paris Agreement is actually structured in a way that relies on citizens to push their governments to do more through public initiatives, like this march, but also, for example, the Belgian Klimaatzaak. So if you can, go express your support for an ambitious climate change policy this weekend!

Arne van Stiphout: “Succes in Katowice?”

Claim the Climate!