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As the pressure on climate from the growth of the airlines and air travel increases, more and more European countries are opening up for a tax on flights. The Netherlands have already planned for a tax of €7 per flight and Belgium’s Ministers of Environment will propose a European-wide tax on flights, in order to prevent commercial disadvantages between countries within the EU. This should also make green alternatives for travel, such as trains, more competitive as currently, flights are not subject to VAT and there is no tax on kerosine.

It is difficult to say what kind of impact these taxes will have. But you don’t have to wait to change your travel behaviour, train travel has more advantages than you think. No hassle from checking-in, waiting for boarding or luggage reclaims and more time-friendly than most people think as you can enter the train 5 minutes before departure and you arrive in the city center, not at a remote airport.

It does require a bit more planning but that just adds to the travel experience. Our link this week will help you with your next train travel. The Man in Seat 61 has information on everything related to train travel. Not just timetables but also how and where to transfer between trains, alternative routes for long-distance travel and methods for booking the tickets. The site is mostly focussed on Europe but Africa and Asia are also represented. Definitely worth checking out for your next travel plans!

The Man in Seat 61

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